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"Most of the story of modern management is a QUIXOTIC struggle to substitute numbers for judgment."

(The Guardian)


Evaluation of
Methods, Programs and Policies

in Psychology and Education

  1. Evaluation of Programs versus Persons ... more

  2. Beyond PISA — In Favor of a new Culture of Evaluation (German Article, PDF)

  3. Is America a Role Model? Experiences with External Evaluation in the USA (German article) ... more

  4. Kriterien für gute Evaluation

    1. Aims and Criteria

    2. Validity: Does the instrument measure what it is supposed to measure? more

    3. What precision is needed? more

    4. Statistical significance, effect size, and efficiency... more

    5. Sanctions... more

    6. Efficacy of the Konstanzer Methode der Dilemmadiskussion (slides) ... more

    7. Improvement of Teaching through Self-Evaluation" (ITSE) ... more

    8. Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's .. more

    9. Web-Addresses ...more

  5. Methodenprobleme

    1. The paradox relationship between "reliability" and "validity" ... more

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