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Workshop-seminar, July 25 - 29, 2021, in Konstanz
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Learning democracy
with KMDD
® and Discussion Theater

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Why we need moral competence:

Winner of the Outstanding Book Award in 2021 of the Moral Development and Education SIG of the American Educational Reserarch Association (AERA):


Democracy is a high moral ideal for many people. To become real, it must be learned!

If democracy should function its citizens must have the ability to solve problems and conflicts on the basis of these principles through weighing alternatives and discussing them with opponents, instead of ignoring them, or using violence and deceit, or through submitting to authorities. We call this ability moral-democratic competence.

I have developed the Konstanz Method of Dilemma-Discussion (KMDD)®, in order to foster this competence effectively and with little costs of money and time. Recently, I also turned into a new form of theater: the Discussion Theater "Speaking & Listening" (DT). (Lind 2002; 2019)

However, both methods are effective only if they are applied by well-trained and certified KMDD-Teachers. Fostering moral competence is not easy at all.

Participants who have completed the workshop and handed in a complete portfolio will get a KMDD-Trainee certificate. Fopr more information see the KMDD-Flyer.

In order to protect teachers' investment into their training, the KMDD® is registered in many countries (e.g. EU, China, Switzerland, Turkey) as an international trade mark.

Applicands should have some experience with teaching.However, students are also welcome.

The workshop-seminar will be directed by the creator of the KMDD, apl. Prof. em. Dr. Georg Lind.

After it, there will be an international online symposium with scholars and practitioners in the field of moral competence research and education..

Date, Time   July 25 - 29, 2021. From Sunday (starting 14.00 sharp) to Thursday (13.00)



Schloss Hohenfels 1, D-78355 Hohenfels, Germany. Phone: +49-7557 929190; Host: Mr. Benjamin Hamm.

First book your room, including food, at Schloss Hohenfels for a package prize. Payement is directly to the Schloss.
Please indicate to the host whether you would be willing to share a room. This way more participants can be accommodated.


After booking, please transfer the fee. The fee for the workshop is reduced to 200,00 Euro!

You will get by mail the bank account where to transfer the fee.


On successful completion of the tasks, each participant will get a "KMDD-Trainee Certificat".

The KMDD-workshop-seminar is also recognized by various institutions. This needs to be verified by you.

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Please book accommodation as early as possible! (If necessary, cancel in time.)

The Schloss Hohenfels is 40 km away from Konstanz. Next train stations are Ludwigshafen (Bodensee) and Stockach. The hotel will provide a shuttle service to these two train stations.

The castle surrounded by an inviting country-side (wood, fields, a little further away are the Lake of Constance, Swiss Alps, mediaeval monasteries and castles etc.). accessible by walking, by bike and by public transportation (bus, train, ship). Switzerland, Austria, France, and Italy are also not too far away.

Nearby Airports with train connection to Ludwigshafen und Stockach, distance in hours:
Zürich (1,5 hr), Basel (1,5 hr), Friedrichshafen (1 hr), Baden-Baden/Karlsruhe (2 hr), Frankfurt (4 hrs), Munich (4 hrs.)
. At Munich Airport is a Flixbus to Meersburg and Konstanz available. All times are approximations.

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Lind, G. (2019). How to teach moral competence. New: Discussion Theater. Berlin: Logos. Testimonials and order.
Free download: Chapter 4, How to make moral competence visible.

German edition is also available: "Moral ist lehrbar":
This and previous editions are also available in Chinese, Korean and Spanish (Portuguese will be published soon).

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KMDD Training Manual - KTM /deutsch (not for dissemination!)

Opinions of KMDD course participants (partly in German, English)

Media reports on the KMDD (mostly in German)

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