Competencia moral

News: My book "How to Teach Moral Competence"
was given the 2021 "Outstanding Book Award"
of the Moral Development and Education SIG (AERA)

La capacidad de resolver problemas y conflictos sobre la base de principios morales, sopesando y discutiendo, en lugar de mediante la violencia y el fraude o la sumisión a los demás.

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award2021 Winner of the "Outstanding Book Award" of the Moral Development and Education Special Interest Group (MDE-SIG) of the American Educational Research Association (AERA)


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Symposios y Conferencias (Anterior Eventos)

blue Sept.-Dez, 2021. 18:00 -- 20:00 (details to be announced)
"Moral competence" - weekly online colloquium

blue July. 25-29, 2021 (new date)
Program of International workshop "Learning democracy with KMDD and Discussion Theater," Konstanz.
Deadline for registration and payment of fees: July 21,2020. Write to georg.lind (at)

blue Postponed to fall 2021
Invitation to the 16th International symposium "Moral Competence: Its Nature, Relevance, and Education." in Konstanz, Germany.

blue 2021, no date
Presentations and workshops in Najning and Guangzhou, PR China.

blue Moved to Summer 2022
"On a psychological science of psychology". Invited workshop at the International conferencee "Critical and Radical Humanist Work and Organizational Psychology", University of Innsbruck, Austria, more.

Nowak, E., Schrader, D. & Zizek, B, eds., (2013). Educating competencies for democracy. Frankfurt: Peter Lang.Festschrift for Georg Lind. Lind, G. (2007). La moral puede enseñarse. Manual teórico-práctico de la formación moral y democrática. México: trillas.

(2020). Cómo enseñar competencia moral.
En preparación.

Hemmerling, K (2014): Morality behind bars. An intervention study on fostering moral competence of prisoners as a new approach to social rehabilitation. Frankfurt: Peter Lang.

 Marcia Schillinger: Learning environment and moral development: How university education fosters moral judgment competence in Brazil and two German-speaking countries. Aachen: Shaker.

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