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New rule: From now on, KMDD-Teacher certificates will be issued only for two years. After renewal they are valid life-long.

  Family Name, Given Name
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Certificate valid until
  Reinicke, Martina. Chemnitz, Sachsen, D (m.reinicke [ät] primacom.net) (www.martina-reinicke.de) deutsch/ english (16. July 2017) UNLIMITED
  Eichert, Sieglinde. Kirchberg, Sachsen, D (www.lindeeichert.de) deutsch
  Hemmerling, Kay (Dr.). Leipzig, D (kayhemmerling [ät] aol.com) deutsch/ english
   Kang, Lei (Dr.), Guangzhou. VR China (leiiiii [ät] 126.com) chinesisch/ english
  Roscher, Melissa. Zschopau, Sachsen, D (melissa.roscher [ät] kjr-erz.de) deutsch/ ?
  Ristau, Thomas. Kesseldorf, Sachsen, D (thomasristau [ät] web.de) deutsch/ ?
  Zhang, Jing (Dr.). Nanjing, VR China (623525257 [ät] qq.com) chinesisch/ english
  Stec, Malgorzata (Dr.), Jagiellonian University Krakow, Poland (malgorzata.stec [ät] gmx.com) polski/ english 31.10.2019

Certification in progress

If you look for a learning partner please contact one of the candidates and also of the certified teachers with a cc: to georg.lind [ät] uni-konstanz.de.

Begin of training
  Tello, Daniel, Universidad de Concepción, Chile (danieltellos [ät] gmail.com) español/ english/ deutsch  
  Nowak, Ewa (Prof. Dr.), Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan, Polen (ewanowak [ät] bluewin.ch) polski/ deutsch/ english  
  Sisler, Aiden (Dr.). Vancouver, Canada & Berlin (aiden.sisler [ät] gmail.com) (https://aidensisler.com/) english/ deutsch  
  Expired Licence  
  Scharlipp, Matthias, Berlin, deutsch/english


  Lind, Georg. Konstanz, Konstanz, Baden-Württemberg (georg.lind [ät] uni-konstanz.de) (www.uni-konstanz.de/ag-moral/) deutsch/english

* The "Konstanzer Methode der Dilemma-Diskussion (KMDD)"® is an internationally registered mark in the European Union, China, Switzerland, and Turkey, ownd by Georg Lind. Registration for Brazil, Colombia, Mexico is pending.
Please quote always the original mark in German and with correct spelling. If necessary, you may add a translation:

中国: 两难讨论的康斯坦茨方法
English: Konstanz Method of Dilemma Discussion
French: Constance méthode de discussion dilemme
Metodo di Costanza dilemma discussione
Malayan: Kaedah Konstanz perbincangan dilema
Polskie: Metoda Konstancja dylemat dyskusji
Português: Konstanz método de discussão dilema

Spanish: El método de Konstanz para la discusión dilemas
Türk: Ikilem tartışma Konstanz yöntemi

Ελληνική: Μέθοδος Konstanz δίλημμα συζήτησης

Certified KMDD-Teachers are granted the right to use the KMDD mark for advertisement as long as their KMDD certificate is valid.

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