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Moral Competence Test (MCT)*

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March 13, 2021

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* Formerly called Moral Judgment Test (MJT)

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The MCT is for research and program evaluation ONLY.
It must not be used for selecting or evaluating or gratifying or punishing individual people or groups of people.

Certified, valid versions of the MCT © by Georg Lind

For certification, each test version must be submitted to a validation study according to the guidelines here, and the resulting raw data must be given to the author of the MCT, Dr. Lind, for validity analysis. Test versions are only certified as valid if they agree clearly with the three rigorous criteria of the validation guidelines. They are declared "provisionally valid" (*) if the data are inconclusive, that is, if they do not contradict the claim of validity nor support it.

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  Language Author(s) of the Test / Translation Validation Study ?

Updated copyright text for all versions of the MCT

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Deutsch (Master copy), standard version, 2 Dilemmas, age 10 up)



Dr. Georg Lind, professor of psychology, retired from the University of Konstanz, Germany. Now self-employed researcher and KMDD-Trainer and KMDD-Teacher.
Last (minor) revision: 2013-07-08
  Deutsch, simplified standard Version (3rd grade; age 8 years upwards) Prof. Dr. Georg Lind; equivalent with the standard version. Only a few changes have been made: larger fond, simplification of story-text, and a few minor changes of the arguments. To make it even more easy to answer the MCT, the test can be administered individually or in small groups and the interviewees can be assisted with word-understanding.
2 Arabic * (Morocco) Dr. Ahmed Aghbal, Faculty of education, Rabat, Morocco. (2003- ) (provisionally validated) YES

Armenia *
not certified yet

Meri Avetisyan, M.A., Armenian State Pedagogical University, Erivan, Armenia YES | provisionally valid*
4 Basque

Prof. Santiago Palacios Navarro, sicología Evolutiva y de la Educación, UPV, Universidad del País Vasco, Spain (1982)

  Brazilian see Portuguese/Brazilian  
5 Chinese / PR

Zhao Zhanqiang M.A., Hebei Teachers University, Shijiazhuang (2003); Wu Huihong, Nanjing Normal University of China, N=639, provided the data for final certification (2004).

6 Chinese / Taiwan Dr. Chi-Ming Lee, National Taiwan Normal University
7 Croatian Prof. Suncana Kukolja Taradi, Faculty of Medicine, Zagreb  
8 Czech: Cover | Dil 1 | Dil 2 Dr. Birgita Slovácková, University of Prague, Czech Republic. (1999) YES
9 Dutch-Flamish / Belgium Flemish version (no longer in use) YES
10 Dutch / Netherland Marieke van Herwaarden (2016), on the basis of the Flemish version by Dr. Bart Duriez & Pieter-Jan De Marez, Catholic University Leuven, Belgium (YES) only language correction on basis of Flemish version
11 English (stylistic revision of 2013) apl. Prof. i.R. Dr. Georg Lind, University of Konstanz, Germany. Stylistic revisions 2001 on the basis of recommendations by Dr. Michael Hauan, and 2012 on the basis of recommendations proposals by Vitaliy Troyakov, 2012. Corrrection of item #15: missing word "ignore" added; thanks to George Stevens (Feb. 5, 2015).  
12 Finnish Dr. Matti Ylén, Helsinki, University of Tampere, Finland n.a.
13 Français

Prof. Dr. Michael Gross, University of Haifa, Israel, et al.

There is a newer, better version available. Please contact Dr. Lind:
georg.lind (at)

provisionally valid*
14 Georgian | Latin font | MS word Natia Mestvirishvili, Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University, Georgia, in cooperation with Prof. Luiza Arutinova and Prof. Maia Mestvirishvili, Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University YES
15 Greek * Prof. Katerina Mouratidou, University of Serres, Greece YES, provisionally valid
16 Hebrew , Doc

First version: Prof. Michael Gross, Ph.D., University of Haifa, Israel (1992).
New version: Hagit Turjeman, Ph.D., Western Galilee Collage, and Irit Ein-Tal, Ph.D., Yezreel Valley Collage, Israel

17 Hungarian - Dr. Ibolya Vári-Szilágyi und Julia Szekszardi, Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest, Hungary, 1994 Not validated yet

Iranian (Persian), MS Word

Dr. Soudabeh Saeidi, University of Konstanz, Germany

YES | provisionally valid

19 Italien Prof. Anna Laura Comunian, Univedrsity of Padua, Italy YES
20 Korean Prof. Gyun Yeol Park, Department of Moral Education, Teachers College, Gyeongsang National University, South Korea YES
21 Latvian Mr. Gints YES
22 Lithuanian Prof. Dr. Roma Kriaučiūnienė, Uiversity of Vilnius, Lithuania YES
23 Macedonian Marijana Handziska, M.A., Republic of Macedonia. (2001) YES
24 Malayan | MS Word Anwar Latif, Ph.D., fakulti bahasa moden dan komunikasi, university putra malaysia, 43400 serdang, Malaysia.
Aswati Hamsah, Ph.D., Universiti Sains, 11800, Minden Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
25 Pakistan (Urdu) MS Word Dr. Abdul Wahab Liaqat, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan YES
26 Philippine *
Not certified yet
Mrs. Jasmine Tuboro, M.A., Davao City, Philippines provisionally valid
27 Polish
MS word

Drs. Benon Bromberek †, Dr. Aleksandra Cizlak, Prof. Dr. Ewa Nowak. Language improvents by Prof. Marek Pawlak 2019. YES
28 Portuguese/Brazilian (Brazil)
Dr. Patricia Bataglia, Sao Paolo University, Brazil, & M.A. Marcia Schillinger, University of Konstanz, Germany YES , Article
29 Portuguese (Brazil), additional subtest: Judge Steinberg Prof. Dr. Patricia Bataglia, Marcia Schillinger-Agati & Dr. Georg Lind, Brazil/Germany YES
30 Romanian

Tatiana Chicu, Faculty of Psychology, Titu Maiorescu University,
Beatrice Popescu & Stefania Puschila, Faculty of Psychology, University of Bucharest
Dr. Iuliana Lupu, Dept of Psychology, University of Konstanz

31 Russian Mr. Ilya Krumer, Latvian University, Latvia YES

Merging in progress

Mrs. Milica Milojevic, doctoral student of psychology, Nis, Serbia.
Mrs. Ivana Mitrovic, ???, Serbia.
YES (both versions)
33 Sinhala * (Sri Lanka)
not certified yet
Dr. Sanjee Perera, Hope University, Liverpool, UK. (2002)  
34 Slovakian Mgr. Petra Lajciakova (in progress), Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia.
New translation and validation by Lada and Dr. Jan Kaliska, Pedagogická fakulta Univerzity Mateja Bela v Banskej Bystrici, Slovakia.
35 Slovenian * (only doctor dilemma)
not standard; not certified yet
Unknown translator, University of Lubljana, former Yugoslavia, 1977  
36 Spanish Prof. José Luis Trechera, University of Córtoba, Spain, (1996)
& Prof. Cristina Moreno and Prof. Roberto Hernández, University of Monterrey, Monterrey, México. (1999). Language improvent: Sebastian Franco, Bogotá, Colombia, 2015.

YES (Spain)
YES (Mexico)

37 Swedish Kerstin Weimer, Ph.D. candidate, Division of Psychology, Department of Social Sciences, Mid Sweden University, Campus Östersund YES
38 Tamil * (Sri Lanka), MS Word
not certified yet
Dr. Sanjee Perera, Hope University, Liverpool, UK. (2002)  


Prof. Sanguan Lerkiatbundit, Prince of Songkla University, Hadyai Songkla Thailand 90112
YES, Intervention Study
40 Turkish Dr. Nermin Ciftci Aridag, Yildiz Teknik Universitesi Egitim Fakultesi, Davutpasa Kampusu, TR-Esenler Istanbul, Turkey
A new, corrected version is now available (Jan. 27, 2016)

For obtaining a MCT copy please contact Dr. Lind. Do not use MCT copies from dubious sources!

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