Last update: May 29, 2021

Day and time:
Friday, 18:00 - 20:00 Berlin time, will be recorded.*

Platform: Jitsi

max. 30-60 minutes for presentation, then

Presentations: Researchers and practitioners present their favorite scholars' impact on their work.

Registration closed.

Call for papers for the 16th Symposium on Moral Competence (deadline: May 31, 2021)

Pre-registration for the KMDD training and certification workshop open (until May 31, 2021)

Program committee:
Prof. Dr. Ewa Nowak, Poznan
Dr. Aida Mofakhami, Teheran
apl. Prof. em. Dr. Georg Lind, Konstanz

Institute for Moral-Democratic Competence (IMDC)

*The recording is meant only for participants of the colloquium. If all presenters agree, we can also make the videos available for a wider audience.

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Dates affirmed*

2. April

Georg Lind: Socrates, Piaget and Kohlberg. They informed me about moral competence and its promotion (Slides).

9. April

Georg Lind, Konstanz: Ockham, Popper, Donders and Brunswik. They helped me to make moral competence visible. (You can take the MCT for demonstration. No individual feedback possible.)

16. April

Marijana Markovikj, Skopje: Moral competence and collective traumatic events.

23. April

Kay Hemmerling, Leipzig: The fascination of the concept of "Experimental Questionnaire"

30. April

Roma Kriaučiūnienė, Vilnius: Semantic variations of the expression of modality in MCT translation.

7. May

Ewa Nowak, Kay Hemmerling interview Georg Lind on his book "How to teach moral competence." Winner of the 2021 "Outstanding Book Award" of the Moral Development and Education Special Interest Group (MDE-SIG) of the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

14. May

-- cancelled

21. May

Katerina Mouratidou, Serres, Greece: How Shields, Bredemeier and Hellison helped me to understand that physical education can be a good context to promote moral competence.

28. May

IMDC Vorstandssitzung (board meeting)

4. June

-- cancelled

11. June

Daniel Tello, Esslingen / Concepción, Chile: Can "Morality Behind Bars" be stimulated? On Kay Hemmerling's intervention study. (change of date!)

18. June

Aida Mofakhami, Teheran (cancelled). Instead:

IMDC Vorstandssitzung (board meeting)


Before you leave: Please fill out the MCT a second time. It is for evaluating the efficacy of our colloquium. It's all anonymous.